Hello, my name is Ismail Qouiqa and I'm a software engineer, currently working at Ubisoft international.

I use this site to share my ideas and knowledge on different topics.

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Computer Science - algorithms
The reason why the space complexity of the recursive Fibonacci implementation equals O(n)
    The Fibonacci sequence is an ordered list of numbers commonly of integers type, each element...
Java World ! - Fundamentals
Classes' structure
A Class is like a blue print, it describes how the instantiated object will behave in the running pr...
Java World ! - Fundamentals
Java files can be organized within directories called Packages, they are used to group a certain ...
Java World ! - Fundamentals
Data types
Java counts eight Primary types, in total, each one plays a certain role and imposes a specific m...
Java World ! - Fundamentals
Memory allocation
The memory is composed of two main areas, the STACK and the HEAP. When an object is instantiated, it...
Java World ! - Fundamentals
Initialization order
When an object is instantiated, its internal fields are initialized following the order in which the...
Java World ! - Fundamentals
Classes Imports
Often, you'll need a function of a Class that lives in a different package. in this case, you have t...
Java World ! - Fundamentals
Fields and methods structure
    A field is basically composed of three main elements, an Access modifier , a Data type a...